ExecuteSQL problem

Discussion created by epace on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by fmpdude

So I am trying to get a simple ExecuteSQL to work, and all I get is a ? as the response. Can someone help me with this?


Here is my code:


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT Description_Short FROM InvMgmt WHERE k_PartNumberID = " & $CatID ; "" ; "")


The $CatID is the variable I am using all throughout this script in multiple places. Is there something that I need to do to change the $CatID variable for this?


I should clarify, this script will be running strictly on the Server as a daily script each night when it is finally working. All this ExecuteSQL is doing is filling data into a Variable in my script.


This is all done on FM 16.