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Field Access For Certain Users

Question asked by dscott on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by dscott

I have a timesheet database for users with limited access where I have a button titled "Clock In" with a script that automatically fills in the field with the current time.  I unchecked the box in the inspector under "Field Entry" for Browse Mode and Find Mode so that the users can not change their "Clock In" time manually.  The problem is that sometimes the users forget to clock in and the time has to be manually adjusted by someone with Full Access.  However, the Full Access people have to go into the inspector and re-check the 2 boxes under "Field Entry" every-time this happens to make the manual adjustment.


Is there a setting or script that will allow a Full Access person to adjust the "Clock In" time without having to go into Layout Mode and making the changes in the inspector?