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Filemaker GO 17 Crashing

Question asked by d1337 on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by TSGal

Hi, I have an issue with Filemaker Go 17 Crashing whenever we are trying to add a photo to a container field. This is on a hosted file not local. I have tried adding the photo via an insert from device script that is triggered when pressing a camera button below the field, and have also tried just leaving the container field as is and allowing for the picture to be taken or uploaded by tapping on the container field and choosing the appropriate option.


Sometimes after the crash, I am able to reopen my app, go to that layout and add the photo with no problem, other times it will crash again and sometimes multiple times before I am able to finally add the photo. This is being used for uploading a receipt image for processing which is super frustrating as you can imagine.


Are there any best practices when it comes to photos and container fields? Should I be storing the photos somewhere else? The devices we are using are all iPhones running iOS 12 and the issue is not user specific. I have had users with full access permissions as well as uerlimited permissions report the issue.


Thanks in advance,