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Show Window Opens Wrong Window

Question asked by debi on Oct 31, 2018
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Window > Show Window > pick a window opens window listed BELOW the one I clicked on



FileMaker Pro Advanced




Operating system version

MacOS Sierra 10.12.6



MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)


Description of the Issue

When I choose Window > Show Window > <window name>, the file below the one picked opens


Steps to reproduct the problem

Choose Window > Show Window > <pick a window name>


Expected result

Selected window opens


Actual result

Window listed immediately below selected window opens



Just go back and open the window I wanted






Now that I've read about some similar issues (Show Window menu items open wrong window @ 8/8/2011 and Problem with Show Window @, 9/24/2010) I can narrow this down a little bit. It only seems to happen the first time I am choosing a window from the list, until I restart FMP. It does not seem to happen with windows that I've set to hide manually. It (perhaps) only happens with this group of files I've been working with that came from a client: These were all (or at least mostly) created pre-v7, and converted by someone else to v7; I have converted the set to v12. I am using a script in the "menu" file that opens and hides all the other related files. I have a video I can share (but not publicly) that demonstrates the problem.