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File path for import step in script running from a server schedule

Question asked by lohara on Oct 30, 2018
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We are running FileMaker Server 15, Win.


I have a script with a step that finds and imports records from a related FileMaker file living in the same folder on the server. The related file is ksSECTIONS. The script


-first finds particular records in the related file by performing a script in ksSECTIONS --this step runs successfully from the server schedule.


-and second imports those records from the ksSECTIONS file -- this step is not running successfully from the server schedule. I suspect the issue is the file path in the import step. I've tried the following file paths, but all give scripting error 100 (file not found).


  • file:ksSECTIONS
  • filewin:/D:/FMData/ksSECTIONS
  • filewin:/D:/FMData/ksSECTIONS.fmp12
I know from that FileMaker likes to look for files to import from  /C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/ in Windows, but that isn't where these two files live. Is there a path I can give it that will help it know to go to /D:/FMData where it and ksSECTIONS live?