VIDEO: How to Do More with FileMaker and AWS (Beyond virtual machines...)

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Most of us in the FileMaker Community are well aware of how to run FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but we can do more!

At 360Works, we believe in outside-the-box thinking to continually push the FileMaker platform to places it has not yet been.

For this reason, Jesse Barnum, President of 360Works, spent time developing new and innovative ways to integrate the AWS multitude of services into FileMaker.




At the 2018 FileMaker Developer Conference, he presented on how to interact directly with AWS Web Service APIs, signing AWS calls (authentication), and specific demos of:

  • Kinesis: how to make record changes to FileMaker records with a single HTTP request (audit logging without the increased demand on FileMaker Server)
  • SQS:message queuing service
  • Transcribe: voice and memo recording that automatically gets recorded in your solution as text
  • S3: file uploads/file management
  • Athena: run SQL queries against audit log data stored on S3


Here's what the FileMaker Community thought of the DevCon Session:

"Demonstrating the real reach of FileMaker's ability to integrate with other services. Power indescribable!! While a lot of the session covered things that were beyond my skill level, but I left feeling like I could learn it!"

"Introduced new tools I can take advantage for my customers"

"This was the best session of the entire conference. I highly anticipate anything from Jesse Barnum in the future."

"Jesse may be the consummate presenter. Great material, expertly delivered. Incredibly worthwhile session. Thank you!"

Couldn’t make it this year? Check out the recap video and demo materials ---> Watch Video

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