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Modify a Related Field Without Changing All Records

Question asked by dscott on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by dscott

Hi FM Community.  I think I might be overthinking a solution to my problem again.


I have a table (Bill Rate) that holds data containing a service tech's name and bill rate.  When the tech fills out a worksheet on another layout, the tech enters the required data and a field on the other layout pulls the (Bill Rate) data from the previously mentioned table and performs a calculation based on the number of hours worked.


However, on occasion, the supervisor may want to change the bill rate data within the worksheet for one reason or another without it affecting the other worksheet records.


Example: John Doe has a bill rate of $40 in the "Bill Rate" table.  John Doe fills out his worksheet and enters 2 hours for that particular job which brings his total bill to $80.  John Doe's supervisor see's this worksheet and wants to amend his bill rate from $40 to $45 for that one particular worksheet only.  The problem is that an error comes up and says that the field is not modifiable.  How do I make it so the supervisor can modify that one record without it affecting the other records?