Learn to integrate QuickBooks Online with FileMaker at Productive Computing University

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San Diego, CA - October 31, 2018, - Productive Computing just released a new FileMaker training course on how to Connect FileMaker and QuickBooks Online.


This course, available at Productive Computing University, uses the FM Books Connector Online Edition plug-in to teach users how to connect these two powerful applications (FileMaker and QuickBooks).


FM Books Connector Online is a cross-platform (Windows/Mac/FileMaker Server) FileMaker accounting plug-in that allows for client or server-side integrations between FileMaker and QuickBooks Online.


This training covers not only how to integrate FileMaker with QuickBooks, but also how to migrate an existing integration with QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. After completing the course, you will understand the technical QuickBooks teminology, as well as the skills necessary to properly integrate a client’s solution with their QuickBooks Online account.


We designed and created this course with the explicit intent of saving developers a considerable amount of time compared to trying to learn it on their own. I know from experience that dissecting over 100 pages of programming documentation and attempting to test just a few of the integration steps necessary takes 3-4 times longer than our entire course!


“I was especially excited to do this training because one of my first tasks as a FileMaker Developer 16 years ago was to replicate a QuickBooks solution for a large company. This course and plug-in would have literally saved me many months of frustrating programming!” Stuart Hite, Instructor, Productive Computing University.


Topics covered in this 5.5 hour training include:

  • How to install, configure, and license the plug-in
  • How to write scripts to authenticate to QuickBooks Online
  • How to create a QuickBooks Online developer sandbox for a safe and easy development environment
  • How to write scripts that allow you to push and pull data between FileMaker and QBO including Customers, Invoices, Invoice Line Items, and more
  • The differences between scripting for Windows, Mac, and Server
  • Simplifying the session processes for best results
  • Visually grasping the ‘behind the scenes’ functions for easier programming
  • Knowing which QuickBooks entities can interact with FileMaker
  • Duplicable code to master the four areas of interaction with any available entity (CRUD): C-reate records/R-ead (view) information/U-pdate Data/D-elete Data when possible


The Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Online training will also include instructions on advanced topics such as integration strategies for consistent data accuracy, a review of relationship structure comprehension for QuickBooks, how to use SQL and JSON for powerful connections, and the plug-in’s new batching feature.


This course rounds out Productive Computing’s full range of FileMaker and QuickBooks offerings, which includes a plug-in and training course for integrating FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop, a training course and plug-in for QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop hosting plans.


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