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Pop-up control style field issues

Question asked by stathisaska on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by TSGal

Good evening everybody,


I am facing several issues with pop-up fields for which I cannot provide an explanation:

  • Pop-up fields cannot show the second field until I change them to edit box, save the layout, change back to pop-up and save again
  • Nowadays, there have been several occasions where pop-up fields DO NOT show the second field of the value list, despite it is filled.


My specs are FileMaker for Central Europe, first problem persists since FileMaker 16, problems are same in all my devices running High Sierra, Mojave.


Just for clarification, first field is UUID, the value list is fields from a table, include all values is selected, second field is just a text field from the SAME table. ExecuteSQL in data viewer or creating an extra relationship will both return the text field. Creating another value list to the RAW table (without any relationships) has fixed this issue occasionally.


Is anyone facing same issues or it is just me ? Any suggestions to tackle them, because they really hurt my brain !