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Issue: Filemaker 17 window freezes

Question asked by zehuze on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by zehuze

Product and version:FileMaker 17.02

OS and version: windows 10, 150% text size, one monitor active

Description: It happens that popup windows , while developing, appears outside the screen. As this is a modal window, it freezes FileMaker and I have to kill the FileMaker task and start over again. However killing sometimes results in a corrupted database.

For example in the screenshot, I am trying to change the go to layout script step: the select layout window appears elsewhere but I cannot select it. So now everything is frozen.

I have de-activated one of my two monitors beforehand (display settings->show only on monitor 2) , and then turned on FileMaker . But I am not sure that when this issue happens, it is always preceded with disabling one monitor.