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Strange behavior with Virtual List in FM17

Question asked by habitare on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by habitare


I just switched to FM 17 and try to implement a simple Virtual List example. I implemented to ways to extract the data from a global variable (or global field where the data for the VL is put into).


A field "rowData" grabs the data per row as it grabs the line/element using the id of the recordset (done by the German version of Filemaker with: "Austauschen (HoleWert ($$vl ; ID) ; "|"; "¶" )". Works.


Now the weird behavior:

  • If I put a formula in a field like "HoleWert ( rowData ; 1 )" were the element to get is written in the formula (here: "1") - all works fine. I see the data.


  • But if I try to read the ID as part of the name of the field like "col1" or "col120" with the following formula "HoleWert ( rowData ; FilterZeichen ( Hole ( AktivesFeldName ) ; "0123456789" ) )" the table does mess around. Mostly I do not see the data. Only if I click into a field I see it, leaving the recordset it disappears mostly. Sometimes it stays.


Any idea what does not work?


Kind regards, Martin