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Discussion created by ronelinc on Nov 1, 2018

[ANN] November 1, 2018 [The Woodlands, TX] - Love to create solutions using FileMaker for clients that want to improve their business and processes? Ronel Data is looking for an intermediate to advanced level FileMaker developer for contractual work (starting at $65 per hour).

Make a difference for business clients and their employees using FileMaker and integrative technologies!

  • Design and Plan - Be ready to get involved with the design, structure, and functions of a system to match a client's business processes. This includes seriously understanding a client's business, and staying focused on the work at hand and how it fits in the overall development and business progression plan.
  • Communicate - Service skills will be required to maintain client relations and ensure the best solution for the client within the scope of each project. Professionalism, consistency, perseverance, and proactivity are a must and will be seriously expected in each project.
  • Problem-solving - Expect to be faced with varied business and development challenges to overcome to create a successful solution.
  • Development - Of course, clear code documentation, code style, and flexibility in these (to adhere to Ronel Data and sometimes client-imposed styles) are a must.

Furthermore, the following expectations are part of the contract work.

  • At-home/at-office and onsite support of new and existing deployed FileMaker-based systems
  • Experience with FileMaker in a multitude of applications is a must
  • Remote capabilities using Remotix, TeamViewer, and other remote technologies is required

About Us:


Ronel Data has emerged as an active participant in our industry’s growth by providing a substantial level of expertise and services in FileMaker Pro and business coaching. Over 20 years ago, Ronel Data began offering FileMaker database development and consultation services for a variety of industries. Our team specializes in formulating customized project schedules and coaching programs to maximize client success. We use FileMaker and other technologies and tools to create customized business management and data solutions for desktop, mobile, and web.


Contact Raf at Ronel Data at 281-363-9995 or email at