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Search in overlayed fields

Question asked by tanja on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by tanja

Hi there,


I built an invoice solution.

There are business customers as well as private customers. I merged the customer informations in one invoice table.


Now, if I want to list all invoices, I have overlayed the fields private and business contacs. The private customer field "Name" has an "Object diasable when"- condition. Disabled when the field is empty.

It works very well because the private customer field is over the business Contact Name-Field.


BUT, if I want to search for a contact and click the search button (FM-Search-Mode), I could type the name in that field, that is over the other field.


But however: If that specific invoice what I am looking for is a business invoice, so I could not find any invoice, because of that reason, that I entered the name in the private name field.


Have you got any ideas to solve this?