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LASSO and FM17

Question asked by sdurante on Nov 1, 2018
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For a friend who is going from FM12 to FM17:

They've been told that they'd have to upgrade their Lasso code when they upgrade to FM17. They don't know what that means. Here is a sample of the code they currently have in place for the search function:


[Include: '/includes/site_vars.lasso'] [Var: 'skip' = (Action_Param: 'skip')] [Var: 'Au' = (Action_Param: 'Au')] [Var: 'Ti' = (Action_Param: 'Ti')] [Var: 'Pl' = (Action_Param: 'Pl')] [Var: 'Pr' = (Action_Param: 'Pr')] [Var: 'Da' = (Action_Param: 'Da')] [Var: 'subjects' = (Action_Param: 'subjects')] [Var: 'search_operator' = (Action_Param: 'search_operator')] [Var: 'search_action' = (Action_Param: 'search_action')] [If: $search_action == 'Find'] [Var: 'InLineAction' = '-Search'] [Else: $search_action == 'Find All'] [Var: 'InLineAction' = '-FindAll'] [/If] [InLine: $InLineAction, -Database='livipweb', -Layout='table', -UserName=$FMP_UserName, -Password=$FMP_Password, -MaxRecords=$MaxRecordLimit, -SkipRecords=$skip, -OperatorLogical=$search_operator, 'Au' = $Au, 'Ti' = $Ti, 'Pl' = $Pl, 'Pr' = $Pr, 'Da' = $Da, 'subjects' = $subjects] [include: 'content_body.lasso'] [/InLine]


I haven't a clue and hoped someone here could help me direct them to a resource..