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Displaying related data?

Question asked by arosales on Nov 1, 2018
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I'm new to filemaker and I'm not sure how to setup a field. I used the contacts started app to create a student database. One table for students and another for advising notes. One student can have many advising notes.


I added a portal to student detail with date, contact type, and description. My issue is the contact type and description both have shortened abbreviations for reporting. There aren't very many contact types or descriptions.


Contact Type

CC - Collateral contact

CP - Case Planning

EM - Email

FF - Face to Face




ED - Education

FE - Finances

HE - Health - Mental Health

HO - Housing

ID - Identity

LS - Life Skills

O - Other

RE - Relationships


Is a table for each (contact and descriptions) required to get the following to display? Or is there a lookup and replace I should do.



Jon Snow  10/31/2018  Face to Face  Education


Report layout

Jon Snow 10/31/2018 FF  ED