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Edit Portal and Display Record

Question asked by jbp on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by jbp

I have a library-style check out option within my "Browse Books" table. That table has a portal that displays records from "Borrowed Books" table. The portal shows the name of who borrowed it, the date it was checked out, and the expected return date.


Previously, to check out a book, one needed to go into the "Borrowed Books" table and type in the necessary information. While this worked, there were obvious problems. If someone didn't type the ISPN correctly or spelled the title wrong the record wouldn't be displayed in the portal.


To fix this problem I made the portal contents editable. That way a new record would be made in the "Borrowed Books" table without mistakes. But, the records are no longer displayed in the portal. Is there a way to edit the portal and view the associated records? Is there a better way to check out books without typing in the information?