Missing Portal Data in FileMaker 17

Discussion created by jfewlass on Nov 1, 2018
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We are having a serious issue with FMP 17 that has me completely baffled.


We upgraded a solution this past weekend from FMS 14 to FMS 17.  The server is Windows Server 2012 R2, quad CPU, 16 GB RAM running FMS All clients are 17.0v2.  The solution has been in use for over 3 years.  After the upgrade, we are seeing a situation where a user will not see any records in a portal.  We have a layout with a tab control that has 5 tabs and there are portals on 2 of them.  At seemingly random times, users have reported that there are no related records shown in one of the portals (sometimes this happens in portal 1 and other times in portal 2).  If another user logs in on another machine, and goes to the same parent record, they see the related records just fine.  Closing out of FMP and coming back in fixes the issue for the user having the problem.  This behavior has been reported by at least 5 different users (we have approximately 30 FMP clients, 25 Go clients and a number of Web Direct users accessing the database).


For the user that cannot see the records, the behavior is as if they are there.  If you perform a find in the portal on the related records, it returns the record in question in the found set as expected but the related data is not seen.  Scrolling to adjacent records shows the related data for those parents.  It seems to just impact one record at a time.  The user can work for hours with no problems and then it shows up.  On one occasion the user saw the problem immediately after logging in.  Usually users can work for multiple hours before seeing the issue and maybe see it 2 or 3 times a day for heavy users. 


There are no filters on the portals.  The keys are simple pk to fk fields (non globals) and they are all number fields  The privilege set for the user has access to create, edit and delete in all tables and has view only permissions for layouts, and VLs and execute only permission for scripts.  There are about 17 fields in the portal that most commonly has the problem and 3 of them have conditional hiding on the fields.  There is no other hiding used in the portal.


I have tried the following so far.

- Wondering if this could be some sort of layout corruption, I created a new layout that only contains one of the portals in question (built layout from scratch and added portal from scratch…did not copy and paste).  If the condition exists, I have the user go to the new layout to see if the records are present.  In at least one instance the user could see the related records on the new layout (portal built on the same relationship as the one that is not working).  However upon further testing, there are instances where going to the new layout does not show the related records.

- I added a re-login button to the layout.  If the user re-logs in as them self, they do not see the data. If they re-login as another user with the same permissions they do not see the records.  If we re-login as me (full access), we do see the related records. If we immediately re-login as one of the users with less than full access, once again, we do not see the records. I do not believe this to be a permissions issue however as there really is no table/record level security being used.


There were no code changes made as part of the upgrade.  This issues has never been reported in over 3 years of use on FMS 14.


One other thing to note is that the database has been recovered approximately 4 times over the past year (each time the results said there were no errors) due to an issue in earlier versions of FMP where all Value Lists and Custom Functions would disappear.  Per FM Inc., a recover was the only way to restore them.  FM Inc recommended that we upgrade to FMP 17.  More info on that issue can be found here:

Lost Value Lists


We never saw any behavior like we are seeing now prior to this week immediately after the upgrade to 17.



Jeff Fewlass