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Snapshot Link Modify File

Question asked by antidote on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by eric

I had an interesting problem to solve. Thought I would share.  It has broader extensibility then what I am using it for.


The problem: SnapShot links inherits the server path of the local application that creates it. So if a user logs onto the server with the local server name or internal IP address, the snapshot link is sent with that.  However, if the user receiving it is outside the office it will not work. 


Solving:  Need to edit the fmpsl file.  How to do that?


I attached a screenshot using Insert from URL as the bases for edit the fmpsl file.  However the keys to reduce frustration is to save the SnapShot link as txt file.  The second is Insert from URL needs to have the 3 slashes, and Mac needs to contain "Volumes".  Third thing, is to Set the Container field using the TextEncode function.


Once you export the field contents from the container field. You can use that path to send it via Email.