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Filemaker Server 17 two to three times slower than 16

Question asked by ncg1 on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2018 by eric

Since my recognised FM hosting specialist moved my databases to a different dedicated server with FM17 ( everything has been a lot slower than it was when we were running FM server 16.


I'm guessing that common tasks take two to three times as long.


In particular:

- viewing and scrolling a layout with one record per row and 500 rows takes ages to download enough data to be able to scroll

- exporting a CSV to my local desktop with three columns (two dates and a number) and 1,000 rows takes a minute or two. It seems to take maybe 3X as long as before.


In Admin Console the CPU is around 1%, the memory is around 45%, network throughput seems to peak at around 70,000 bps when downloading the CSVs.


Does this sound normal? What should I look at and what questions should I ask please?