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New Card Window script and Iphone 7+ Filemaker GO not working

Question asked by ppinc on Nov 2, 2018
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New Card Window and Iphone 7+ Filemaker GO not working


Using Pro 17 on windows to develop

latest version Go

Iphone 7+

Testing via local IP not on a server.


Simple new card script

New Window;Style Card;Name: Open New Window; Using Layout: "MyLayoutName"

Set to close and dim

Triggered by button that runs script

Both Layouts correct size for iphone


What is happening:

On windows works fine


On Go will copy only the current window/layout


Tried setting window size with no GO

Tried setting window position with no GO

Tried dropping the Iphone with no GO

Tried clicking the button on the iphone a bunch of times like you do in an elevator NO GO

Any help is appreciated.