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How to resolve cURL "Protocol is not supported" -X GET

Question asked by beccaingrambryant on Nov 2, 2018
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I am currently trying to connect my filemaker solution to a website and need to be able to get information from this site and parse it in FM.  I am using Filemaker 16 pro advanced to develop it, and the server is Filemaker Cloud 16.  I am very unfamiliar with cURL or cURL options.  I was able to use Postman to get the information from the site, so I copied the code from there into the header field.

Here is what I have:

URL field: target url where order info resides

header field: -X GET \ [URL]\ -H 'Accept: authorization/json'\ -H 'Authorization: Token [Token]'\ -H 'Filemaker-Token: [generated by postman]'

Whenever I do the insert from URL script step i get the message "Protocol is not supported."  My script step selects the entire contents, does not verify ssl, and curl options just point to the header field.  I hope this was enough information to get some help because I am at my wits end.