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Table view. Saving column order

Question asked by mukai on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2018 by beverly

Hi everyone,


Wondering if anyone has the knowledge. I tried searching for any FMI documentation and on this forum but didn't find any concrete statement.


I have a layout which is used by users (regrettably) built on table view. Client prefers a certain way the headings are arranged. We all know we can enable the "Reorderable Columns" to allow users to shuffle columns the way they like. Does anyone know if the column order is saved per user? or it is one arrangement shared by all users accessing the file? I have been working with (remote) client over the last few days and we can't seem to answer that question. I logged in as a developer or a test user I created for testing purpose and the column arrangement never moves. But he claims that every time he logs out and log back in the column arrangement is different. I am guessing FileMaker saves one arrangement for all user on the file but I am waiting for client's response back to me on some details to confirm my theory.