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Help clarifying relationships behaviour with globals

Question asked by Cécile on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2018 by Cécile

This is probably a very beginner question but after 2 years I still struggle with that!


Sometimes we use globals to filter certain records. (2)

Sometimes we use it to match a specific record (1)

Sometimes we use it to create records.

Sometimes we use it to set a value somewhere.

Sometimes to facilitate a particular UI feature


They are used in relationships, calculations, scripts, with variables or set values. The mix of all that in my head is frightening.




When I look at someone's file, I can read and follow the relationships and understand what is happening. However, when facing a white screen, I have a really hard time figuring the right combo relationship, field definition and what goes where. Do I need to link the tables with the fid and ID or with the global and the corresponding field? Will the global content overwrite its foreign vis-à-vis or just filter it?


You're going to laugh because, I actually designed the graph above (with some help), I also designed the function to flip a switch to change a language and the graph required to display on the same layout the portal of the English repetitions of the global and the portal of the French one, as well as the record portals of a single repetition isolated in an English display and a French display. I also wrote Part 1 (and edited it thanks to comments) about Globals in my Did you know that series. That part was dedicated to understanding the behaviour of a Global Field value. Part 2 was going to be about designing relationships with global for specific applications. You would think I know what I am doing.


Nope. My only virtue is perseverance. I think I eventually come up with stuff that work, out of too many tries and errors. I would much prefer understand than keep wasting so much time and mental energy, for every process I design. . Can someone help sorting this big spaghetti plate?