Value List Based On Calculated Range

Discussion created by cmj on Nov 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by okramis

I have a need for a value list that displays the result of a calculated range of numbers.


This list has to be limited within a range of 60 to 71. An individuals current age will influence the total range displayed in the value list.


The logic I'm wishing to turn into a calculation for the range to display:

Members::MemberAgeNow ≤ 60; the range of the list will be 60 to 71.


Members::MemberAgeNow = 61; the range of the list will be 61 to 71.


Members::MemberAgeNow = 62; the range of the list will be 62 to 71.


and so on until age 71


Members::MemberAgeNow ≥ 71; the range of the list will be 71.


I'm guessing the calculation will result in a list that's held in a calculated field and the value list will be based on the results of the calculated field.


Any thoughts on how to turn this into a calculation would be appreciated. Or maybe there's a more elegant approach that should be considered?