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Concurrent languages

Question asked by Cécile on Nov 3, 2018
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This thread is continuing further the thread  Bilingual pick-lists and dropdowns


This time, I would like some input about how to approach the following situation: the UI language and the Client language.

My users can set the interface to be in the language of their choice. However, when they are producing material for a client who's language is not the same as the User's settings selection for language, how should I handle that.


  1. Should i put a rule that the current client language switches the entire interface and lists and labels  to the client's language.
  2. Or do I identify the fields that will display/print outputs for the client and only target these to take the client's language.

#1 seems a lot simpler to implement.


I do not feel strongly about either approach.


How do i test for the client language and implement the change automatically?

Something that detects a change of the current client and sets the UI to the client's language value?