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One Record to rule all the others...

Question asked by AndreasvanHaren on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by debi

OK, this is going to be a very weird question, I am sure, but is there a way to let a single record include all other records I made in my app?


Currently, my story developing app has 5 tables, each with their own records and some global fields. This works all great if I use a new file for every new story, but now I am thinking it would be nice if I could create more stories within this app so the user can simple choose them from a drop down menu. However for that to work, every new story must make use of all the tables etc that are already used to create a single story.


Maybe I am not explaining it very well, but it's a kind of "one Record to rule them all" scenario. Is this doable or would this require a total re-programming of the structure?