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How do I make a sub summary?

Question asked by jonasmn on Nov 4, 2018
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I want to make a sub summary of posts and present the value in a layout. My table setup is like follows:


A TIMECARD-db where I enter the distance that I have traveled, as well as wich the KLIENT and the corresponding PROJECT. A timecard can be assigned only to one client, but a client will over time have several timecards.

A CLIENT-db where I have related the PROJECT that is connected to the client, that means that a client can have multiple projects assigned to it, but a project can only be assigned to one CLIENT.

A PROJECT-db. A project is assigned/related to a client and only one client.


What I want to accomplish is to summaries the total distance that I have traveled in a specific project, by summarising the distance on the timecards related to that project (though the client). You can see the relations in the attached screen shot.


My idea was to have a field in the PROJECT-db "total project distance", that would be a calculation of the field "distance" from the TIMECARD-db. But when I do that it seems like FM summarises ALL the timecards regardless of klient or project.


Any suggestions what I am doing wrong or how this should be done?



Jonas Möller Nielsen