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ExecuteSQL or other alternative?

Question asked by phammars on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by teodora_popoaca

Hi there,


I am stuck since some time now with a count issue. In one table (A) I have 2 fields which I want to use to perform a count to be reported in another table (B). In table A, the first field is a drop-down list (of numbers) and the second is a calculation (result in text). In table B, I have also the same drop-down list (different field name though) which is related to the one in table A. I want to count the number of records where drop-down field A = drop-down field B while specifying the "value" for the second field in table A.


Unless I have done something fundamentally wrong, using ValueCount(FilterValues(List...))) or Getfield does not work. So I have started to look into ExecuteSQL but the difficulty here is that a) my field names contain more than one word and use spacing and b) I have probably failed to properly write the SQL when it comes to matching the drop-down list fields A and B. When I decompose the formula using only one criteria the SQL works, but combining the twoparameters is the headache.


Any suggestion?


Thanks for your help.