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Show multiple records via a match key

Question asked by susancainewilliams on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by susancainewilliams

I have a many:many solution with a Student table, Courses table, and StudentCourses table.  There are multiple students, multiple courses, and not every student takes the same course at the same time.


The StudentCourses table pulls the student info in from the Student table via a field called StudentCode.

It pulls the Courses info in from the Courses table via a field called CourseID.

This all works swimmingly.


Where I'm having trouble:

Each day someone will enter TimeOnTask for each student in each course (typically 6 courses, though not every student is taking 6).


I want this person to be able to create a new record, enter the date and the StudentCode, and get a list of that student's courses with blank TimeOnTask fields.


I've tried a variety of things but haven't succeeded in any.   I would really appreciate any suggestions.  (I'm new to the forum and would probably describe my skills as "just about intermediate"