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The FileMaker Data API is the way to go for websites based on FileMaker data tables. I do not doubt this. And when the FileMaker 17 Data API got support for executing scripts and using container fields, a critical roadblock was removed.

Now I have some exciting topics where I would like to have your views.


Discussion 1: What about existing FileMaker CWP PHP API based sites?

We have some rather large FileMaker based websites build with the existing FileMaker PHP API. For some of those websites, we are going to implement smaller or significant new features within the next three months. We can not keep the customer back – it is impossible to tell them to wait while we rewrite the entire site.

Discussion subject: When should a serious FileMaker Development Company say stop and not keep maintaining an existing solution based on an API that is not yet deprecated - in this case, the old PHP API?


Discussion 2: The strategy and the options when we decide that the time has come to transfer an existing larger PHP website to the new FileMaker Data API?

We have not done our homework yet. We should probably have analyzed the strategy and set up a model for transferring the PHP API based site to the FileMaker Data API.

Discussion subject: Are there good and efficient ways to remodel an existing FileMaker CWP/PHP based website to run with the FileMaker Data API - what are your thoughts, plans or no-plans for this?


Discussion 3: Has the time come to build all new FileMaker based websites* based on the FileMaker Data API?

If we are going to build and deliver a relatively large website based on FileMaker during November and December 2018, would you do it with technology and methods you are already confident with?

In this case:

  • Bootstrap

Or has the time come and is it without risk to base the web development on the FileMaker Data API?

*To avoid misunderstandings, we are using WebDirect a lot, but that's not the issue here. This discussion is about "public" websites, it is not about the deployment of FileMaker solutions.


Other details

It is, of course, essential to remember: If using CWP then FileMaker Cloud is not an option.



PHP/CWP support FileMaker Software Deployment, Business Software Solution - FileMaker

While the new roadmap will be published next week, in the old roadmap PHP is not deprecated: FileMaker Product Roadmap

PHP with the Data API PHP Class for FileMaker Server 17 Data API

PHP with the Data API PHP class file for FileMaker 16 Data API (REST) - Custom Web Publishing -

Perhaps also read: FileMaker 16’s Data API – REST for PHP developers – soSIMPLE Software/Paradise Partners but also remember that it's related to FileMaker 16, before container fields and scripts where supported.

And: [ANN] fmPDA ❤ - a replacement class for the FileMaker API for PHP