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Countdown Inventory

Question asked by EricTribble on Nov 5, 2018
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Description of the FileMaker program I built.

Ok, I work in a repair company that mainly relies on excel. But I have have been using Filemaker for a while to make things simpler.


On the attached .fmp12 I have 4 layouts: OnHold Review, Parts On Hold, STW Inv, Oh Inv


OnHold Review is my main page that I want the results

Parts on Hold is all the current Work Orders we have that have a specific part on hold for, in our system.

STW INV and OH Inv are the On Hand Inventory of both of our locations.


So my goal is to Find all the Work Orders that are on hold for part/s and show if we now have stock for said part/s.




This work order is on hold for 2 parts. The Work order is in OHIO, so it only verifies the data for PoH OH (Parts on Hand, Ohio Inventory).


MPN Verifier just counts the total number of the parts the work order is on hold for. In this case (2 parts)


Data Location verifies the parts on hand for each part the Work order is on hold for is greater or = to 1. Both parts on the example above have positive stock in PoH OH. Part 1 = 1 OH Verifier, Part 2 = 1 OH Verifier, so the total Data Location = 2.


If the MPN Verifier and the Data Location are equal that we have the parts in stock for the Work order and the device can go out, if not it will say "No".


I know its probably a bit complicated in the way I am doing it using verifiers, but it has been the only way for me to get it to work.


So after all of that, here is my issue.


You can see from the above clip that All of these work orders say "Yes" in the "Can it Go Out" field, But we only have 1 stock in PoH OH. So I cannot say all of these work orders can go out because we only have 1 of these parts.


So I want to see if someone can help me and make it to where:

Going by the Receiving date (Oldest to newest) it counts down the number of actual stock (by Location that the work order is in only) and will only show the number that can go out.


So for the clip above, it should not display 10 work orders, but should only display the oldest work order INS-540200, because we only have 1 in stock.


I know this is a bit confusing so please feel free to message me and I'll try to explain as much as I can, If you know how to do what I am needing in a different way entirely, I am up for anything, because for now, I have to go through manually 100's of work orders to verify if we have the stock to get the work order out.