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FM Server 17 is requesting apps to reconnect every minute or so?

Question asked by vemattson on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by schamblee

Just loaded FM Server 17 to an updated Mac Mini and I am having problems in the six apps loaded on the server. When you login to the app and preform a script (any script) it begins the process and then I get a reconnecting with a button that asks [close file]. and even if I don't push the button it closes the file.  When I open the app again, it will run the script and then when I go to enter data into any cell, it will not take any information as if I am in read only mode or just simply locked out.
If I go to edit a layout and enter a cell, I get an error message that tells me Admin () is using the cell and I can't make changes until they have ended.  There is a message button but you can't send a message.  Admin () is not a normal person logged in.  We have other administrators assigned by name to individual applications with their own usernames and passwords. If they are logged in it shows me their name and I can send a message.  The Guest and Admin users have been disabled on all our applications and I can't find any place where Admin () can be found.
I saw on place on FileMaker Community where "Admin ()" and reconnecting was discussed as a problem back in FM Server 12  and as a result restarted the Server 17 after everyone was logged off.  It seemed to work for a brief time and then returned back to the problem within 24 hours.  We use both PC's and MacBook Pro computers to connect to the FM server.  Since 2011, I have updated the server yearly and have had zero issues with the FM Server updates nor the applications we have developed.  This time I'm at a loss as to what might be causing the problem.

Amy suggestions or help would be appreciated deeply.


PS. I did install FM Server 17 on a Windows hosted server with two of the same applications being used and have not seen this problem with that installation. 

All users remote in from different locations across the state in both cases though they are on different hosts.