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The case of a zombie number

Question asked by planteg on Nov 6, 2018
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I am getting a rather puzzling issue. I need to copy fields from one table to another table - converting repetitive fields to a table that will get displayed in a portal. The actual data being so messy I need to use a script to skip some values .


The script is doing quite well but for one field. It contains a number which is from 1 to 100, or empty. The handling is like this:


. . .

# The Layout for import is current


Set Variable ( $myVar ; input::myField )

. . .


# Go to the Layout to export


New record request


Set Field (output::myField, $myVar)

. . .


Thing is what I get in output::myField is "?", whether a number is in input::myField or the field is empty. Both input::myField and output::myField are set as numbers and no validation or auto-enter defined.


I used the debugger and myVar is set to "?" ?!?!?! I clicked in the field, no stray characters. I used TrimAll, GetAsText, GetAsNumber, no joy.


How is that possible ? The numerous SetVariable are in fact $myVar = input::myField in a let statement.