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Creating a report using loop or portal?

Question asked by rneu on Nov 5, 2018

I work in Filemaker Pro 15, and I would consider myself an intermediate user.


I have to generate a fundraising report that lists each institutional funding source, along with the amount and purpose, for last fiscal year (FY-A) and the same info for the current fiscal year (FY-B), adding the current status of the grant (Committed or Projected).


I track all of this information in Filemaker, according to separate years, by funding source, so it becomes a matter of figuring out how to script a report that lists the funding source name only once, along with the information for FY-A and the information for FY-B, all on the same line.


The foundation receiving the report requires that each source have all of the information above listed all across one line:


Source | Amount FY-A | Purpose FY-A | Amount FY-B | Purpose FY-B | Status: Committed/Projected |


It is easy to do a report listing the info for FY-A, but then I have to add the info for FY-B so that it comes out on the same line.


Furthermore, certain sources give in FY-A, but not in FY-B, or in FY-B but not in FY-A, so the report scripting has to allow for sources to be listed (especially for FY-A) if we are only receiving a grant in FY-B.


My envisioned solution is that I would create a report for FY-A, then go back and call up related records, placing the info on the correct funding source’s line, perhaps by some sort of looping, of which I have a rudimentary knowledge. The other way might be to create the FY-A report, then construct the remaining 4 columns of information as a portal, correlating two related records using the funding source name as the match field.


To speed up my work on this, I would appreciate any suggestions.