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Have you used the FileMaker Data API for a general website?

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by CarstenLevin

Did you build/deploy a general website during the latest two years and did you use the FileMaker Data API for this?


Of course, the FileMaker Data API is the way to go, but when?

The FileMaker Data API is the way to go for websites based on FileMaker data tables. I do not doubt this. And now the FileMaker 17 Data API got support for executing scripts and using container fields. So major roadblocks have been removed.



Over the last decade, we created some pretty large websites with CWP and the FileMaker PHP API. We know that sometime during 2019 or perhaps a little bit later all our new web projects will be based on the FileMaker Data API.

But while we have started experimenting with the Data API, we are at the moment primarily using it for data integration, not for deploying websites.


The FileMaker Community is, of course, the place to share our experiences

That's why I ask those of you who have used the Data API for FileMaker based websites about your experiences?

How did you do, what languages did you use, any additional tools, which frameworks (like Bootstrap, Foundation etc.) did you use?


Do also have a look at this discussion on what to do at when having to work with existing CWP websites and when starting new website projects during this period of technology transition: FileMaker 2019 website strategy.