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Performance issue

Question asked by phammars on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by gdurniak

Hi all,


After having cleared a Execute SQL question, I am now in trouble regarding the performance of my database. One of my tables contain 71 fields of which 48 are calculation fields and 8 are summary fields. This table is linked to 6 different tables from which it collects various field data (hence the number of calculation fields). It is when working with one specific calculation field (a long Case formula) that the database suffers, i.e. creating a single new record takes minutes (FileMaker 17 displays a message as "not responding"). The database has a size of 3MB, containing only a few records per table to test relationships and calculations.


I tried to import data to check whether this would work faster but looks even worse.


Is this a performance issue related to the design of my database or a FileMaker installation or hardware requirement?


Thanks for sharing your suggestions.