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Get answers (to fill FM database) from a team over a network without File Maker Server

Question asked by RuiSampaio on Nov 6, 2018
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Me and a colleague of my school are using File Maker Pro 13 to manage our school activities.

On those activities of the school, we have the activities records on our database and we want to let the teachers to fill a small report (other fields of the records) of those activities, so we can make an annual report with all the single activities reports.


From what we understand (we are not experts..), web direct on a computer would be the perfect solution, but I think that since FM13 the web direct is only possible with File Maker Server, which unfortunately is not affordable for our school, and also, it's not possible for all the teachers to have a license of File Maker on their own computer.


Is there any other way to do this?

How would you do this?


Thank you very much in advance!