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Find records that need attention within six months.

Question asked by smhbusdev on Nov 6, 2018
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I have records (contracts) with a field "Effective Date" set with MT/DY/YEAR format, where year could be any year for the past ten years. The "Effective Date" is the date the contract was first signed and entered into an old database. The contracts need to go through a set process for renewal beginning six months prior to the renewal date, which now would be equal to the month and day the contract was signed on originally. Unfortunately, nobody set up a field for "Renewal Date" or for the "Prep Work Date". I'd like to do that. I want "Renewal Date" to equal just the Month/Day AND the NEXT year, whatever that happens to be, and I want the "Prep Work Date" to be six months prior to that date.


I am not a programmer or DBA. I am just a user, but this database has no support beyond me. Any help is much appreciated.