List view scrolling extremely slow on WAN with just 1 related field

Discussion created by flukey on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by flukey

Using FMPA 17 on Windows, with FMS 17, server T2 large on AWS cloud, 150Mbps download speed in remote office.


I am finding that scrolling a simple list view with 200 records, only 10 fields in the record, is extremely slow when just one related field is added to the layout.  There are no calculations, no triggers, no conditionals or anything. Just a simple layout with 6 fields on it.  If I remove the one related record, then scrolling is as fast as I can scroll the mouse wheel.  With just one related field, a simple text field from a table with just 10 records and 8 fields, slows the scrolling down to the point of being unusable.  I have had to resort to creating an auto enter calc field in the table to pull in the related field value so that there are no related fields on the layout, super fast.  Of course this blows the value of the relational model since I now have to duplicate the data and rely on script triggers to update the auto enter calc from the related record.


What am I missing here?