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Get summary positions?

Question asked by alexnder72 on Nov 6, 2018
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I've got a table with a list of exportations made by different factories -there are almost 40 factories- . I have no a factory table. I need develop a report where it shows the ranking of exporter factories from major to minor (I just got it sorting by factory and reording based on summary filed), and their ranked positions for ten major exporter factories. And Finally I need a chart where it only show the ten first ranked positions. I need the simplest solution posible in order to make the database the more quick as it has hundreds of records and fields to manage.


Table example:



factory B                    xxxxx

factory D                    yyyyy

factory A                    xxxxx

factory D                    zzzzz

factory B                    yyyyy

factory C                    zzzzz

factory D                    xxxxx

factory A                    yyyyy

factory D                    xxxxx

factory B                    xxxxx



Report Example (only 3 first exporters):


RANKING No. (need this)          FACTORIES          EXPORTATIONS (summary field)

1                                                factory D               4

2                                                factory B               3

3                                                factory A               2


factory C is excluded of the ranking.