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Question asked by tippin on Nov 7, 2018
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I am relative newcomer to Filemaker and trying to complete my first custom app.  It is a Project Status Tracker app, that has a number of project stages for each record that we will want our field supervisors to update on a daily basis using Filemaker GO.


Using Filemaker Pro Advanced 17, I have created 16 individual fields with "complete/incomplete" radio buttons and 16 uniquely named drop down calendar fields.


In Browse mode on my iMac with FMPA, I get a pop up calendar when I enter into each date field, but when I access these same records on my iPad (being shared for now using "share with Filemaker Client" option, I get only the standard iPad querty keyboard showing up.


Am I missing something in my set up?  I'd be satisfied with either a pop up calendar or the IOs "calendar wheel" at the bottom of the screen...