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FMC 1.16 issues

Question asked by amsc on Nov 7, 2018

Anyone having issues with their FMC instance today?  I'm still on 1.16, so I get the daily wipd not running messages (not a big deal).  However, for the last couple of weeks, I've had to restart the instance each morning in order to get the server-side script engine to start.  This morning, it took rebooting the server several times (6 or 7 times) before it started. Also, the admin console was not working correctly; appears to stop responding once I was logged in for more than 30 seconds.  Nothing in my setup has changed; no updates to the application and no updates to the MBS plugin.


Yes, I'm pushing buttons to upgrade to 1.17 tonight. Just need my backup server running before I attempt the upgrade. I'm also thinking of just switching to FMS.