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It's almost that time of year again, where we gather together in waning months of the year to celebrate a joyous occasion. Developers from all over the world will spend the last quiet, peaceful month, coding frantically to solve puzzles.

That's right: We're up to Advent of Code 2018.

And we FileMaker developers can get in on the act, because, as we know, we are innovators and problem solvers.




I started a post on it last year and tried to actually follow through, but failed miserably. As I started thinking about it more, I found mrwatson-gbs was also thinking about it. So we pooled our thoughts together. This year, we're going to do better. The post above explains, so please read it, but here's the TL:DR:


  1. Advent of code is a daily pair of puzzles to be solved. They have nothing to do with what we do in the real world. I like that. I can tear my mind from APIs and integrations and work my FileMaker skills (I just learned one today from comment: fast summaries. That's pretty cool) to solve a different kind of puzzle. I believe these puzzles will tap into a different part of our brain and dust out the cobwebs of our methods and our normal routine of thinking
  2. We have a dedicated community space here in the forums that will be live in a few weeks. Here we will post a discussion per day for you to post your answers. We'll also have a template file posted there as well as translations into other languages (German to start (We would welcome anyone to give us other translations) )
  3. In the space we will post our files and hopefully, without judgement, discuss the methods.


Advent of Code doesn't require any language. So use any that you want (fmpdude i'm looking at you ). I'll be using FileMaker and JS for the fun of it.


I encourage you to get acquainted with the challenge by reading the post above and heading over to Advent of Code 2018 .


Please join us as you can each day. I call this Innovation for fun. We're going to have fun.


We'll make the page live soon.