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Combine Buy and Sell table

Question asked by heinrichh on Nov 8, 2018
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For my customer who buys and resells tools, I should write a solution in FileMaker.

First I create 2 different tables: purchasing and sellng.

But I would like to keep the tables purchasing and selling in one table, since they basically represent almost the same thing.
I would like to donate an additional field "is_selling" and indicate, if it is a purchase or a sale.
Later, I could display both of the tables in a portal on two separate LAyouts (with portal filter is_selling = 1/0).


Now my question: Since I am not quite fit in FM, I would like to know if this is a possibility or should I separate the tables? But I would like to create a report with little effort, without any SQL or something else to retrieve the values from 2 different tables (purchasing / sales).

For the report later: Is that ok if, for example, I use the date field or the amount of articles both for the purchase and for the sale, or do they have to be 2 separate fields?

How many fields can you actually create in a table, without the performance noticeably getting worse?

I'm thinking about creating separate fields for buying and selling (eg buy_date, sell_date, etc.)

Thanks for the answer.