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Container: "open" storage to a non-default server folder

Question asked by edwardlscott on Nov 8, 2018
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I inherited support of a CWP/php website and FileMaker database that are installed on the same server. The website allows internet-users to configure a form and do searches to find pictures and information of interest. (The original developer is out of the picture.) Until recently the database and website were running on a FM11 server but have been moved to a FM17 Windows server for use in the future (after it all works).


I do not have remote connectivity (RDC) to the server, but I can use an ftp client app (FileZilla) to access the website files and FM17 console to access the database file, and FMPA17 for database dev.


The existing method for adding images for search to the website is by uploading them via FTP. Using FileZilla, I can connect via FTP:// and see the following folder structure on the server:


The FM database file must then configured with a set of records that "point" to the image files in the WebImages folder above (essentially by using unique filenames). The PHP scripts of the website call up and display the images in this folder (the WebImages folder location is coded into the php). I would like to create and configure a container field in the FileMaker pointer records that stores the image files to the WebImages folder directly - so the website admin could use a simple drag-and-drop method to put the image files into FileMaker and have them go to the WebImages folder above - instead of using the convoluted manual ftp upload process.


I am thinking that through the use of a combination of the FMS console's "Additional Database Folder", FileMaker's "Manage Containers" and the field definer in "Manage Database" (to set up a container field that writes to the WebImages folder), that the direct method might be possible. So far I've not gotten it to work by trial and error.


Can any of the experts here on the community opine as to whether my desired "direct-to-target-folder" container upload method is possible of not?


Thanks in advance,