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How do I autofill Client Info from one Table into another ? Help !  

Question asked by kellyangell on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by kellyangell

I have tried all the tutorials and read numerous forum pages regarding this issue and I just can't get it to work I'm so happy to join this forum and hope one of you genius filmmaker experts can help me out with this.


I have one table (clients) that contains all my client info (Name, Address, City, Zip, Country and Client ID) my second table (invoices) is to generate invoices for these clients. I have managed to configure the Client Name field on (invoices) to display a drop down list of the client names and when i select a client , i would like the rest of the fields to automatically populate with the info from the (clients) table. (eg address, city, zip, Country and Client ID).


I have followed several of the tutorials on how to do this correctly, i have made the relationships between the 2 tables, it just seems so complicated, i tried creating a few trigger script perform a find , but i think i am missing something. any help or instruction on how to do this would be so appreciated as its blocking my project.


I have attached some screen shots of the table layouts and fields below.


Thanks Kelly