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Parsing text into numbers - how hard can it be?

Question asked by wimmmmm on Nov 9, 2018
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Can someone explain me what all the rules are Filemaker is using to go

  • from a series of characters, including a chosen decimal divider, say "228.34"
  • to a number, in this case hopefully 228.34 - but in practice 22834


My setup:

  • Filemaker Pro Advanced 17
  • Mac OS 10.13
  • UK locale, so on my Mac, the decimal separator is "."
  • using Belgian keyboard (input source) (yess, I'm using AZERTY :-) )


The db itself runs on FMServer 17:

  • on MacOS 10.13, using BE locale. When importing data into the db, FM clearly follows the FM Advanced settings, not the server settings. So I concluded the FMS locale settings do/should not play a role here.
  • no scripts are running on server, all runs in FM Advanced itself


I'm aware of locale settings, that's why I have UK as first locale. UK has decimal separator set to "."


I'm looking at the Expression editor, and I'm baffled I have to write code like

GetAsNumber ( Substitute ( "228.34" ; "." ; ","  ) ) 

to get the desired result 228.34


Why is

GetAsNumber ( "228.34" )

giving me 22834 ?


And how could I make this work the way I expect?


To put it to the max: on my layouts I format the currency fields as "use system settings".

And the value above shows as 228.34


So when showing the single same field value

    • in calculations, I see 228,34
    • in a layout using system settings, I see 228.34