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Calculation not working...

Question asked by deanchampeau on Nov 9, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I setup a timestamp field that auto-enters the modification timestamp, but then I discovered a limitation of that... its auto-enter value only refreshes if the user or a Set Field script step modifies the record... it DOES NOT refresh as a result of a calculation field in the record being modified. So I decided to take a different approach, which is to redefine my "modificationTimestamp" field as a calculation field with the following formula...


Evaluate ( Get(CurrentTimestamp) ; [ pdsShow ; usdaShow ; pdsCalc ; usdaCalc ; volumeFlex ; availableInventory ] )


In other words, I want the modificationTimestamp field to update when and if any of those other fields change. Unfortunately, all I get returned from this calculation is "?". Is my syntax wrong?