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Upload to FMS 17 failed, SSL Certificate not Recognized

Question asked by jonbarker on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by wimdecorte

We recently set up a 2016 Windows Server dedicated to hosting a new instance of FileMaker Server 17.0.2.  An SSL certificate from InCommon was installed shortly after the FileMaker Server was created.  Originally, the server name entered on the SSL certificate was the FM server cname, but has since been changed to the FQDN after finding out that the cname would not be recognized.  However, it doesn't appear that we are able to make a secure connection to the server, even using the FQDN on the SSL certificate. 


We are able to add the FQDN as a host on a client and view/open files on the server, but when attempting to upload a file to the server using the FQDN, the "Connection Failed" error message appears before we even have an opportunity to enter the admin console credentials.  Selecting the host based on cname or IP address does allow us to enter our credentials when attempting to upload a file,  however we still get the "Connection Failed" error message after clicking the "Next" button. 


We have verified that ports 443 and 5003 are open, the "fmws" rule is in place and the IIS URL Rewrtie Module is installed.  Any idea as to what may be going on?