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FileMaker Cloud database damaged

Question asked by User25774 on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by User25774

We're using FileMaker Cloud 17 ( with several databases. In the attached screenshot you can see the current notifications from the admin console.

FM Cloud errors.PNG

Since yesterday some of our users experience that they cannot access some of the databases anymore. They get the error that the database is damaged and could not be opened (which usually is very serious?). But: After restarting FileMaker Pro the problem doesn't occur anymore. Also, this was only the case for some of the databases.


Do you know of this behaviour and how can I prevent this from happening?


Additional information:

The error "Server/service not running: xdbc. Server restart failed." occurs since we upgraded to FileMaker Cloud 17. The upgrade took place two weeks ago. Maybe there's a solution for this error, too?

We've been using FileMaker Cloud for more than a year now.

Most of our databases are linked to each other. (Also, the "database damaged" error occured for a related damaged database when opening an unaffected one).